Hercules Smith

International artist

Hercules Smith has been honing his craft since age 5.. He immersed himself in the music of his childhood idol, Mario Lanza. Inspired by his hero, Hercules is determined to stay true to his craft and bring the treasure of classical music to his generation. His philosophy is simple: Follow your dream, BORN TO WIN

TV shows

: Sky Sports – Nation al Anthem
: SABC 2 – Noot Vir Noot × 2
: KykNet – Jukebox and JAM × 2
: SABC 3 – Music Music
: SABC 2 – Afriganza
: Sky Sports – National Anthem
: BBC1 – Let It Shine 2017
: Queen Elizabeth / Oceana
: Dorchester
: Troxi Arena
: Music Video on Presidential Plane
: Hippodrome Casino

Guest Act, VIP and Corporate Events, Touring in Spain, Greece, Italy, Russia, Oman, Turkey, South Africa and UK